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Entertain the kids for FREE this summer!

Entertain the kids for FREE this summer!

Schools out lets scream and shout!!!

As my kids were growing up the last day of summer school term was always my favourite day of the year, well kinda. Long lazy mornings in our PJ's, cake baking/eating and snuggle time before we headed out to do an activity. They always had to be relatively cheap or if possible FREE. The relief of not having the daily grind of school uniforms, pack ups and homework was immense. But I remember all too well the costs involved with them being off school.

That's why we created our Virtual Treasure Hunt, kids want to be entertained by something they can connect with and parents want them to have fun for as little as possible and everyone LOVES a treasure hunt right!

We use 6 billion emojis everyday in the world so having an emoji treasure hunt seems like a great plan.

It’s very simple to run your treasure hunt wherever you are:

STEP 1 - Download the 'Love Bomb Cushions' app on your smartphone or Ipad

STEP 2 - Select the option 'Treasure Hunt' and choose the version you wish to play.

STEP 3 - Download the Love Bomb base posters off our website hide them and then let the finders hunt and scan!

Take them on holiday, to a picnic, to your local club or just in and around your home and hey presto you have a ready-made hunt on your hands

Our digital treasure hunt is part of the Love Bomb Cushions app. You can challenge each other to find the treasure and unlock rare emoji shelf buddies as part of the app too. Players will also get 2,000 Love Bomb coins in the app for finishing hunt.

If you get in touch with sarah@lovebombcushions.co.uk we can even send you out a pack for a local event complete with stickers and how to play postcards.

Here's a link to us playing it with the Made In Leeds TV Crew:


Don't forget to #lovebombcushions with your photos and watch out for our team playing it this summer in weird and wonderful sunshine destinations.

Have fun folks and enjoy the summer!


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Emoji family on tour!

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